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Aviation And Airport Security

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The Definitive Handbook on Terrorist Threats to Commercial Airline and Airport Security

Considered the definitive handbook on the terrorist threat to commercial airline and airport security, USAF Lieutenant Colonel Kathleen Sweet’s seminal resource is now updated to include an analysis of modern day risks. She covers the history of aviation security and compares current in-flight security practices with those of other countries.

Covering Transportation Security Administration changes in security, policy, and training regulation since 9/11, this authoritative reference:


  • Discusses a broad range of aviation terrorist incidents


  • Considers aviation security in the present geopolitical climate


  • Addresses cargo and passenger security


  • Determines how security considerations are factored into business processes


  • Details new regulations for the TSA


  • Contains an instructor’s manual with test bank


  • Documents the history of aviation security


  • Includes extensive background information on various terrorist groups

In addition to cargo and passenger security, the text looks at airport and aviation business practices and how security considerations are factored into business processes. The first edition quickly became required reading for air service operators and airport management training programs. This edition is certain to follow suit.